Who We Are



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What initially began as a means of transportation was actually the setting of an epic story. Two friends (Ben and Joey) found themselves without a car or ride to take them from their homes in Washington DC to the Delaware Shore for graduation. No car, no problem! With two bikes, beach clothes, and the determination to join friends in celebrating their high school graduations, Ben and Joey biked 100+ miles to the beach and the tradition was formed.

The following year Joey’s brother Tommy, intrigued by the legendary story, joined the pair in biking to the beach for a second time.  A tradition was formed, and each year following, a few more friends embarked on the 100+ bike ride from Washington DC to the Delaware Shore.  

Why Bike with Us?

In the years between the first Bike to the Beach and when Bike to the Beach became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the founding members joined the millions of Americans who are affected by autism. Each were inspired to make a difference in the fight to understand and treat a disorder for which the cause is unknown, yet is more prevalent than childhood cancer, juvenile diabetes and pediatric AIDS combined.

Bike to the Beach is not just the host of charity bike events, but a community made up of individuals, cyclists, local organizations, advocates, philanthropists, corporate companies and national partners all who participate in our mission to promote bicycle riding, raise funds and make an impact on the community affected by autism.

Why We Bike

We ride because autism is the second most prevalent developmental disorder in the world today.


To Impact

“Proud to know I made a difference to children on the autism spectrum. An awesome cause that is near and dear to my heart.”


To Celebrate

“The finish line party made it all worth it, sharing a beer with my husband, the live band and best of all the beach!”


To Inspire

“Sharing the last 10 miles with my Autistic son brought me to tears as I crossed the finish line.”

Meet the Team


To support the autism community with friends and family.


I love the community and the time that I get to spend with the community at the Beach. I love meeting up with everyone the next day to crack crabs in Dewey.



I bike because Bike to the Beach days are the best days of my year. I love the challenge, the camaraderie, and doing something positive for my community.



I bike to help others grow personally and help the Autism Community

Who We Work With

Our annual charity bike rides from urban centers to area beaches are made possible by our local partners who offer volunteers, marketing support and provide a local voice in the community.​​​​​​​ Work with Us

Boston University Lacrosse
Kennedy Krieger School
The Auburn School
Autism Delaware
The Center
iCan Shine
Auburn School
Crossroads School
Kennedy Krieger School
Rise for Autism
Autism Speaks