Bike to the Beach is a community of people who combine biking, purpose, and fun to inspire individuals to overcome obstacles through personal challenge and to inspire the larger community to raise funds and awareness for Autism, the most prevalent developmental disability in the world.



Bike to the Beach is a 501(c)3 non-profit cycling organization that:

  • Hosts bike rides from urban areas to nearby beaches
  • Raises money and awareness for autism

Impacts the community through local programs

Our bike rides and community programs promote an active, socially and environmentally conscious community committed to achieving a healthier lifestyle and finding solutions for the millions affected by autism.


We ride because autism is the second most prevalent developmental disorder in the world today.

  • Every 20 minutes a child is diagnosed with autism
  • Autism affects 1 in 68 children

We ride for the love of cycling, and a healthy lifestyle.

  • 3 hours of biking per week lowers the risk of heart disease by 50%
  • Biking gets you outside, relieves stress and creates a way to spend time with family and friends

Who We Ride For

  • Person's Info10 Years ago, we found out our first born, Cameron was Autistic. It was the most crushing news any parent would have to face. But it is Cameron who lifted me up. His spirit and genuinely is unmatched....Last year, Cameron bravely met the challenge and became the youngest person EVER to complete the 106 mile Bike to the Beach Ride.

    Allan Parvizian | Team Parvizian (DC) | 7-time rider
  • Person's InfoI ride for Scott, my brother, an adult with autism. When I crossed the finish line at B2B DC biking with Scott, in the Family Challenge I saw and felt first-hand all of my fundraising efforts come to fruition. Earlier in the summer Scott learned how to ride a bike in just 5 days at the B2B iCan Shine Bike Camp. Scott inspires me every day with his accomplishments, and when I ride, I ride for him.

    Gillian Gladstone
  • Person's InfoMy autistic brother Brendan has never believed in the words "no" and "can't". As a result of the challenges he has overcome and continues to face on a daily basis, he has become an inspiration to many, in particular, my dedication to B2B. Hugging my brother after crossing the finish line makes all of my training and fundraising efforts worthwhile knowing my efforts aid research and help families such as mine to defeat autism. This is why I ride.

    Sean Cribbin

Why We Ride


“Proud to know I made a difference to children on the autism spectrum. An awesome cause that is near and dear to my heart.”


Manos Jones

“It was the most rewarding physical challenge yet, even after many marathons.”


Manos Jones

“My B2B family – the staff, volunteers, fellow bikers are who keep me coming back each year!”


Manos Jones

“From the sunrise in DC to jumping in the ocean at the finish line; there is not one other bike ride like it.”


Manos Jones

“The finish line party made it all worth it, sharing a beer with my husband, the live band and best of all the beach!”


Manos Jones

“Sharing the last 10 miles with my Autistic son brought me to tears as I crossed the finish line.”


How You’ll Do It


Register for a Century or a Metric Century ride. Bike solo, as part of a team, or split the ride with a friend in the relay option. Join the community in our Family Challenge. There is an option for all types of riders.

NY | DC | MD | NE| FL


Every dollar counts! B2B provides tools, tips and multiple fundraising options whether it is individually, with a team, or through corporate support.

NY | DC | MD | NE| FL


No experience necessary! B2B coordinates multiple training rides and programs throughout the year. Our rides are fully supported with multiple rest stops and supplies provided.

NY | DC | MD | NE| FL


Celebrate your success! Join the B2B community at the beach for the weekend. Enjoy the sand, sun, water and weekend events to celebrate your accomplishments.

NY | DC | MD | NE| FL

Who Answered The Call

  • man-2-150x150For the last three years I have participated in this is an annual fundraising bike ride to raise money for autism awareness and research.

    Farhad Ghoushbeigui | Team Parvizian (DC) | 3-time rider
  • man-2-150x150Last year was my 5th consecutive B2B, and I have raised over $50,000 for autism awareness and research.

    Gerry Dorros (DC) | 5-time Rider


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